Cal Poly IFC Mission Statement

The IFC at Cal Poly SLO aims to overcome obstacles pertaining to safe drinking habits, sexual assault prevention, unifying the council, and ensuring the positive view of Fraternity and Sorority Life is spread to all as a call for open interaction and the pursuit of excellence through our community’s values.

Cal Poly Fraternity & Sorority Life Mission

VISION: To accomplish our mission, the Fraternity & Sorority Life office will provide opportunities and support to meet the Standards of Excellence set within the six definitions of our community through the following:

Definition 1 – Safe Drinking Habits
Adherence to policies
Self-Management and Accountability measures
Clarify the purpose of these policies and be clear about how they can be interpreted
…And more.

Definition 2 – Sexual Assault Prevention
Education (like SAFER Trainings)
Awareness (OWN)
Upstander stories and expanding support system
…And more.

Definition 3 – Unifying the Council
IFC-wide events
Support for each-others philanthropies
Ease of access to IFC council members (contact, meetups, etc.)
…And more.

Definition 4 – Positive View
Stress the aspects of greek life most critics ignore
Promote activities for greeks to meet more non-greeks
Social Media support for philanthropic events
…And more.

Definition 5 – Open Interaction
Manage the “exclusivity” feel to a level that doesn’t deter potential new members
Open dialogue in diversity and inclusivity and all it’s meanings
Encourage respect for the school, other organizations, and each other
…And more.

Definition 6 – Pursuit of Excellence
Strive to live your respective values
Hold members to the same standards
Support members through tough times when they feel themselves diverting
…And more.

Important Documents and Policies


Any individual or group may file a complaint against a member fraternity, specifying in writing the particular alleged acts of the accused. The IFC Vice President of Judicial Affairs shall promptly review and investigate the allegation. Upon determination that an allegation has merit, the IFC Vice President of Judicial Affairs may charge a member fraternity with a violation.

IFC Judicial Complaint Form

Organizations that have lost affiliation with the University

ΔΤ – Delta Tau
Recognition revoked indefinitely.
ΚΧ – Kappa Chi
Recognition revoked indefinitely.
ΣΧ – Sigma Chi
Recognition revoked.
Reinstatement will not be considered prior to 2025.
Hazing-Alcohol to minors
ΣΑΕ – Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Reinstatement will not be considered prior to December 2, 2033.
Hazing – alcohol to minors resulting in a death.
ΣΦΕ – Sigma Phi Epsilon
Chapter completed all sanctions and eligible for reinstatement.
ΠΚΑ – Pi Kappa Alpha
Recognition revoked.
Reinstatement will not be considered until 2019 or until the last member initiated into the current chapter has graduated.
Providing alcohol to minors; serving alcohol at an open party with unrestricted access by non-members.
ΔΣΦ – Delta Sigma Phi
Recognition revoked.
Reinstatement will not be considered until 2017 at minimum, or until the current chapter officers graduate or leave Cal Poly.
Violations of the Student Code of Conduct; Alcohol and Drugs Policy.
ΑΓΩ – Alpha Gamma Omega
Recognition revoked due to Executive Order 1068.
Eligible to table on-campus in the University Union Plaza and Dexter Lawn.

For Parents

The Fraternity & Sorority Life office oversees 35 social fraternities and sororities. Social is defined as any Greek lettered organization that exists for the purpose of creating a network of students, fostering friendships, and fulfilling a particular mission that is complimentary to the university. Social fraternities and sororities are not directly tied to any college, major, or academic purpose (i.e. honor societies) but chapters do excel in academics with members representing all majors and colleges at Cal Poly. The 37 chapters are divided into three councils:
Cal Poly Fraternity & Sorority Life
Panhellenic Council (PHA)
United Sorority and Fraternity Council (USFC)

Our chapters strive to set the standard for academic achievement among all Cal Poly student organizations. Click here for the most up to date grade reports.

Depending on the chapter and council, dues will vary in price. Most chapters charge on a quarterly basis (summer dues are not charged).
IFC dues average $200 – $350 per quarter
Panhellenic dues average $300 – $450 per quarter
USFC dues average $50 – $100 per quarter

Some chapters have housing available for students, but housing is not regulated by Cal Poly. All contracts, agreements, and living situations at any fraternity or sorority house must be handled through the chapter and the master lease holder.

Due to California Title 5 non-compliance the following organizations are not recognized by Cal Poly:
Alpha Gamma Omega
Alpha Delta Chi
Such organizations require members to have an affiliation to a particular religion and therefore cannot be sponsored by the university. These organizations are separate from the university but have chapters in San Luis Obispo for anyone interested in joining.